Literacy VCOP display

Literacy display boardHere is a photo of my literacy display last term (click on the photo for a larger version – you can also then click on it again to see it even larger!). The VCOP part and the text types on the left hand side are more or less permanent, though I will sometimes add different connectives or examples of vocabulary. The small section on the right is changed every time we start a new text type. During our Cinderella work, I put up summaries of the stories we had read. The children used this when they were comparing the stories. When working on a non-fiction text type, I put up features, examples and success criteria for that text type. Usually during narrative units I will have the basic narrative structure plus other elements relevant to the stories we are reading.

The files for the VCOP headings and connective cards and vocabulary posters defining types of words and giving examples are available to download on TES resources or below (note - they look very odd when you see the preview, but are much better formatted when you download them!!):

 The punctuation characters are from Trinity Education. The pyramids that I have used for punctuation and sentence openers are available from many websites, including Primary Ideas.

One thought on “Literacy VCOP display

  1. Hi,

    I really love you VCOP display and would like to have a go at doing one in my classroom. I’m just wondering where did you get the resources for the openers?


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