Outstanding Interview Lesson!!

Had an inteview yesterday for position as Literacy Leader.  I got the job :-) and the interview panel were really impressed by my lesson.  So I thought I’d share it on here in case anyone else is stuck for ideas.

The task was to teach a 30 minute lesson to a Year 6 class which would lead to quality writing, focusing on whole class teaching but showing in plan what the independent task would be.  I used a short animation to focus on how to ‘show’ how a character is feeling (instead of ‘telling’ – “She was happy.”)

The animation was downloaded from here:


If you are interested, you can download my lesson plan and resources:

I’ve also converted the Smart Notebook file to a PowerPoint, for those of you without a Smart Board.

bert2 (PowerPoint)

The children enjoyed the lesson, and were really engaged from the very start of the lesson.  I tried out the lesson with my Year 5 class the previous day and they produced some great writing.

11 thoughts on “Outstanding Interview Lesson!!

  1. Hi, I would love to see your Smart Notebook file for this lesson – it sounds brilliant! Did you do a full write up for each section or did the kids just do it in note form like you have? Please send the file to the email address provided if that’s OK!

    Thank you in advance!

    Dave P

  2. Your lesson sounded fab! Loved the video, as did my class. The ensuing discussion was fascinating- the class decided that Bert was an onion! Carried on to discuss why the onion was so unpopular. This video could definitely be used for PHSE, linked to bullying and playground incidents etc. Could I please have your smart notebook because I’m a harrassed mother as well as teacher. Thanks!

  3. The lesson sounds really good. Would love to use some of the ideas myself. Could i please have your smart notebook file to look through. Many thanks and congrats on getting the job.

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  5. Love the lesson. Would really appreciate the smart file although I have activestudio?? Many thanks

  6. I love your ideas but I am having problems opening the smart notebook as I have activestudio also. I am searching for ideas for a literacy lesson.

  7. Your lesson sounds fantastic. I am looking for ideas for an outstanding Literacy lesson to teach for an interview. If you have any more ideas or more thorough planning for the lesson I would greatly appreaciate it if you emailed it to me.

  8. You are a great teacher! Well done! I will be using this lesson this week and I KNOW it WILL go down well.

  9. Hi
    loved your lesson plan. was thinking about using part of it for my observed year 6 literacy lesson. ive been given the objective ‘to write narrative into a playscript’ was really struggling to find something. thought this would be a nice starter activity.

    would i be able to get your notebook file please\?
    thank you for sharing


  10. Hey there, I think this is a fab lesson and hoping to use it for an interview. Was wondering if you can enlarge the animation to full screen or is does it only stay small? If you could get back to me that would be great.

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